Donald D. Simpson

For Sheriff of Appomattox County

Donald D. Simpson

For Sheriff of Appomattox County 

Chief Deputy Donald Simpson is a lifetime resident of Appomattox County and has over twenty-five years of law enforcement experience with the Appomattox County Sheriff’s Office.

During his law enforcement career, Donald has served as a Patrol Deputy, Tactical Team leader, School Resource Officer, Criminal Investigator, and most recently as Chief Deputy of the Sheriff’s Office where he was responsible for all day to day operations within the Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Deputy Simpson has served on several state-wide initiatives to include, the Central Virginia Homicide Squad, Central Virginia Computer Crimes Task Force, Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Appomattox County TRIAD, and the Criminal Justice Advisory Board at Lynchburg College.

Chief Deputy Simpson holds an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern University. Additionally, Donald has received law enforcement education and professional development from through the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, US Army and Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.


All citizens deserve to be treated equally under the law. As Sheriff I will prioritize building bridges and strengthening ties to the community we serve. As Sheriff, my philosophy for the Deputies in the community will be simple, as long as you do the right thing at the right time for the right reason, you can’t go wrong.


The purpose of the Sheriff’s Office is to protect and serve our community. This cannot be accomplished without open communication between the Sheriff’s Office and the community. As Sheriff I pledge to maintain an open-door policy between myself and the community while maintaining a policy of scheduled “town hall” meetings with concerned citizens of the county.


The citizens of Appomattox county deserve and expect effective law enforcement. My experience as a Criminal Investigator has shown me the impact professional, evidence-based law enforcement techniques can have on delivering justice within our community. As Sheriff  I will ensure that deputies receive the education, training, and equipment they need to provide effective law enforcement.

Your support matters .