My Promise

My decision to run for sheriff is not one I take lightly. I am grateful for the trust that the residents of Appomattox County have placed in me for the past twenty-five years. As sheriff I will work to keep that trust.

I promise to ensure that I, as well as our deputies uphold the Oath of Office. By that oath, we affirm that we will support the Constitution and faithfully and impartially perform the duties assigned to us.

I promise to use all the resources I have available to provide the best law enforcement possible. In my years of service, I have developed relationships with law enforcement partners at the regional, state, and federal level. I will never hesitate to call for assistance in expertise, manpower, or equipment to solve crimes and arrest offenders.

I promise to use evidence-based law enforcement practices to reduce crime and traffic fatalities, and aggressive narcotics enforcement to target dealers. I will do what is proven to work by evaluating facts, using measurable data, and employing law enforcement best practices to solve crime.

I promise to be fiscally responsible with your taxpayer dollars. Law enforcement can be an expensive business. I will strive to use department funds in a responsible manner to make sure all money spent is necessary to achieve the mission of the County. I will be an advocate for Appomattox to ensure we receive our share of money to provide these essential services.

I promise to be an advocate for our deputies. Honest, hardworking, experienced deputies are essential for effective law enforcement.

I promise to keep moving the Appomattox County Sheriff’s Office forward and continue to provide the residents of Appomattox County with a professional law enforcement agency we can all be proud of.

Finally, I promise to maintain an office of transparency and openness; my door will always be open. The position of sheriff is one of public service and my department and I will keep that role foremost in performance of our duties.